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Feeling Sick and Tired | Overweight | Bored | Depressed?

Sick and Tired?

Tired of those stubborn last 5, 15, 50, 250 pounds?

Feel sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Hate feeling deprived?

Got cravings?

Feel guilty about eating?

Tried everything?

Been on a million diets?

Spent useless money on diet plans and exercise machines?

Obsessed with food?

Feeling ashamed?

Escape from food hell!

Eat delicious, tasty, satisfying meals every time –


Lose weight

Stabilize blood sugar

Stop reflux

Regain endurance and vibrant health

Become able to exercise without pain

Regain sexual function

Get off meds

Lose years off your appearance

Love your body!

Enjoy life


  • Learn to make healthy food tasty
  • Make new habits
  • Learn how to make better choices anywhere
  • Shop smart
  • Know that food is medicine
  • Eat better to live better

Always have a better option with you.

It takes awareness!

It takes determination!

It takes optimism!

It takes a simple decision!

It takes a will to live

It DOESN’T require

  • subscription,
  • special foods,
  • special products

It DOESN’T take will power.

It takes knowledge.

Eating tasty, satisfying meals is the key.

Making healthy food tasty is the method.

Learn how to maximize good nutrition while minimizing bad

Give your body the “medicine” it needs to heal itself


It’s in my book

The Improvising Chef – Making Healthy Food Tasty

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