Bonito Flakes are the New Bacon!

Into the Food Processor

Taming the Raw!

Here we go. Raw is good, but let’s face it, not easy. Broccoli, carrots, kale and chard are tough to chew and can be unpleasant to eat. They need some help.

Here’s an alternative that uses whole food, incorporating fiber and nutrients lost by cooking or juicing. Although the food is “processed,” the only adulteration is the chopping; the difference is the size of the chopped particle. Small particles of raw vegetables are easy to eat and very tasty…and deliver maximum micronutrients, high water content, and minimal calories (for those counting them). With a simple dressing and tasty garnish, a “healthy” lunch becomes a gourmet treat. The best thing about it is how it feels walking around in the hours after you eat it. Energy surges, thought clarifies, mood calms, there’s confidence in right action, and life is just better…until the next opportunity to consume a healing, healthy, tasty meal!


After the chopping!

The vegetables are pulsed at first. After they’re all broken up somewhat, the processor can be let run to make the result as fine as you prefer. The ingredients can include anything you think you should eat but can’t seem to include in your diet otherwise! Or, choose items according to taste and availability…

Condiments are essential to the outcome, and flavor balance can be considered. Raw vegetables have characteristic tastes, many of which are unfamiliar to us, yet distinctive and unique. Sample items! Imagine their combination. Chard is slightly bitter, for example – a characteristic that can be balanced by other tastes such as sweet, acidic savory or salty elements. In this mix, I added a couple of dried figs and a tablespoon of raisins for sweetness.

The ingredients here are:
Broccoli, carrots, red cabbage, red chard, kale, celery, walnuts, raisins, figs.

The dressing (blended in) consists of toasted sesame oil, rice vinegar, and (Thai) fish sauce (for a savory element).

After blending, I put it in a bowl over some greens – I’d recommend lettuce, but in this case I used a little whole raw chard and kale. To the chopped salad mix, I added cubed firm tofu, bonito flakes, scallions, small nori (seaweed) strips, and black sesame seeds.

I’ve said before I’d put bacon in a salad (as many do!) if it made it easier to eat the fresh whole raw vegetables. Here, the bonito flakes serve that purpose quite well – they’re very savory! Vegans might prefer another option, such as caramelized garlic, or tofu browned in tamari. A fried egg goes nicely on top of a salad, too, providing protein and Omega-3’s.

All of the ingredients involved have special desirable nutritional characteristics, and the result falls in many objective categories. It’s vegan (without the bonito!,) raw, paleo, whole, low-glycemic, Atkins, Mediterranean, and pescavegetarian!

raw salad with bonito flakes

End result! Raw salad with bonito flakes

About Jon Burr

Being a musician, Jon sees food as composition, with colors, highs and lows in tastes, and believes that living a healthy lifestyle can be tasty and enjoyable. Cooking since his childhood, and seriously devoted to healthy eating after cancer treatment in 2000, he found ways to make healthy food tasty, and decided to carry the message through his book "The Improvising Chef." You can hear his music and follow his other activities at his website