How do I find what really works for weight loss?

A person sent me a private message on Facebook, frustrated by all of the conflicting information about diet and health, asking “how do I find what really works for weight loss?,” looking for suggestions to help sort it all out. Here’s what I wrote back to her:

There’s a lot of great information out there. Although I’ve written a book about healthy eating, I’m not a “licensed nutritionist,” so I can only tell you what I know to be true for myself.  I’ve put a lot of recipes and stuff about food on my blog, and there’s a lot of information on my site.

Here’s the short version:

  • Maximize micronutrients (especially raw vegetables, berries, beans, nuts and seeds).
  • Eat “pro-biotics” to help re-populate your gut to accommodate all the fresh food; you might have some discomfort and “side effects” as your gut cleans out. Probiotics include yogurt, kimchi, kombucha. There are other probiotic drinks out now, like probiotic coconut milk and kefir.
  • Cut out grains completely at first. Add them back in after your weight comes down and inflammation leaves your body. No sugar, no diet ANYTHING. No manufactured food in boxes or cans. No smoking! NO SODA!!! Drink LOTS of water, 24/7.
  • Fat is OK! Bacon is OK, just don’t go nuts (find it without nitrites if you can). Eggs are wonderful, and eat the yolks (Omega-3’s in them are really good). Try other savory foods like dried bonito flakes, tamari sauce, Ume plum paste, anchovies, Thai fish sauce. Steak is ok, but the best (grass-fed) is prohibitively expensive. I don’t eat it, usually. I’ll have chicken thighs, and love duck… but salmon, mackerel, and sardines are the best, as well as nuts and tofu for protein. Get enough protein, and don’t worry about fat. Fat actually boosts resting metabolic rate and helps you to lose weight!

Goals: Increase the water composition of diet (via vegetables and fruits) and eat diluted food (soups, stews). Increase micronutrients, and eliminate flour and sugar. Eat rice instead of wheat when you do add grains. Eat fruit and raw honey for sweet. Raw honey is GREAT… it promotes resistance to pollen allergies. Eat chocolate – raw if you can find it. Eat fresh and from the rainbow… and have FUN! Fresh foods taste great! And read my blog!

Also follow Dr Mark Hyman and Dr David Katz.

It’s going to be a great adventure into whole new worlds of taste!

Also – carry food with you, like an emergency plastic container of mixed nuts/dried fruits. When traveling, carry a plastic tub of cut-up raw vegetables and snack on them! Make good new habits and live in them.

Stay in touch!


Veggie Tub

About Jon Burr

Being a musician, Jon sees food as composition, with colors, highs and lows in tastes, and believes that living a healthy lifestyle can be tasty and enjoyable. Cooking since his childhood, and seriously devoted to healthy eating after cancer treatment in 2000, he found ways to make healthy food tasty, and decided to carry the message through his book "The Improvising Chef." You can hear his music and follow his other activities at his website