Tasty Japanese vegan dinner!

Eggplant with Leeks, RiceThis is a relatively quick dinner, very tasty, vegan-Japanese.

Who doesn’t like eggplant? This is braised with no oil, flavored with leeks, tamari, and kombu (a savory, nutritious Japanese sea vegetable).
Start with a half inch of water in the pan, add the (cut-up) kombu and veggies, and simmer until the rice is done.

What rice, you ask? This is our favorite Japanese Dirty Rice… a hybrid recipe, featuring Japanese elements not usually cooked into rice together.
Ingredients include a half-cup of rice (2 cups water), dried shiitake mushrooms broken into bits, a teaspoon of hijiki seaweed, a few strands of safforn, and an eight teaspoon of wasabi powder. Combine all ingredients in a rice cooker and turn it on… and use it as a timer for the simmering eggplant.

I like natto (fermented soy beans), for its savory taste and unique nutritional characteristics, although some find it challenging. It’s slimy…but worth getting used to.

Also pictured: nori strips.

About Jon Burr

Being a musician, Jon sees food as composition, with colors, highs and lows in tastes, and believes that living a healthy lifestyle can be tasty and enjoyable. Cooking since his childhood, and seriously devoted to healthy eating after cancer treatment in 2000, he found ways to make healthy food tasty, and decided to carry the message through his book "The Improvising Chef." You can hear his music and follow his other activities at his website jonburr.com