The Improvising Chef goes Japanese


Miso Soba with Ika and Wakame
Bean Sprout, shiitake and tomato salad, and tamari-braised eggplant

I’ll be back with recipes for these!

OK. I’m back.

This is a simple meal.

The miso soba begins with water, some kombu ( I cut up the dried kombu pieces inside a plastic bag so they don’t go flying all over), and red organic miso paste. Bring it to a boil, then simmer. Add some wakame, shiitake, and soba. Stir it up a little to distribute the miso paste evenly. Add the soba noodles, and a little while after they bend in, add squid pieces.

The salad has 3 main components, including mung bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes. I’ve got some home-made carrot-ginger dressing, with sesame oil, rice and ume plum vinegars, water and raw honey, pureéd together in a food processer.

The eggplant was pan-braised in sesame oil; first browned and softened, sprinkled with chipotle powder, then finished with a splort of Tamari in the pan, cooked long enough to caramelize slightly.

On the side is some kimchi, adding a sour spicy element with probiotic benefits.

This is CRAZY tasty, yet good for you as all heck. And to think I used to like the Colonel…

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Being a musician, Jon sees food as composition, with colors, highs and lows in tastes, and believes that living a healthy lifestyle can be tasty and enjoyable. Cooking since his childhood, and seriously devoted to healthy eating after cancer treatment in 2000, he found ways to make healthy food tasty, and decided to carry the message through his book "The Improvising Chef." You can hear his music and follow his other activities at his website